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Who is Han Moo Yeong- Wife of Kim Kang Woo- Biography & Some Interesting Facts About Her

Han Moo Yeong Wiki

Han Moo Yeong hails from Damyang County, Jeolla Province, South Korea, and she’s not your typical showbiz personality. Despite her lack of direct involvement in the entertainment industry, she has garnered attention in the media because of her marriage to South Korean actor Kim Kang-Woo.

Kim Kang-Woo is a talented actor who started his career in music before transitioning to acting in 2001. He fell in love with Han Moo Yeong, a regular non-celebrity woman, and suddenly the spotlight was on her. Her life changed in a big way.

Han Moo Yeong Background, Siblings, Family

Meet Han Moo Yeong, born in the beautiful Damyang County of South Korea into a devoted Christian family with her father, Mr. HanGwon-Soo. She’s the proud elder sister of two siblings, including the popular Korean actress, Han Hye-jin, and Han Ka-Yeong.

Han’s childhood was spent in her hometown with her family, but we don’t know much about her early life. What we do know is that she attended Eunkwang Girls’ High School to pursue her education. Perhaps Han was too busy plotting her rise to greatness to share much about her formative years with us.

Kim Kang-woo and Han Moo-Yeong Marriage Ceremony

Kim Kang-woo and Han Moo-Yeong tied the knot on June 18, 2010, after a seven-year-long courtship. The couple initially met in 2003 through a mutual acquaintance, and their relationship blossomed from there. The wedding was kept low-key and intimate due to the Catholic ceremony being performed by a priest, as confirmed by Kim’s management company. They opted out of an MC, so it’s safe to say that there were no awkward dad jokes to ruin the mood. The following year, their family of two expanded with the arrival of their first daughter, who internet commenters claim bears a striking resemblance to Han Hye-jin.

Han Moo Yeong‘s Husband Kim Kang-woo

Kim Kang-woo, born on July 11, 1978, is a talented South Korean actor who has captured the audience’s hearts with his performances in The Taste of Money and The Missing.

Kim Kang-woo is an alumni of Chung-Ang University where he majored in Theater and Film. Before getting into acting, he tried his hand at singing in 1998. However, in 2001, he made his acting debut in bit parts for SBS TV Movie and MBC Serie’s Wuri’s Family. The following year, he landed his first major role in the movie The Coast Guard, commenting that he only got the part because of his lack of experience. 

Han Moo Yeong Personal Life 

Again our Mystery queen is yet a riddle to be solved. We have very less data about Mrs. Woo personal life and she enjoy her company and not active at social media very much.

Han Moo Yeong Net Worth

Let’s talk about the mysterious Han Moo-Yeong’s net worth! She’s been keeping her professional life under lock and key, but the one thing that’s crystal clear is that she’s been living the life of luxury! Her husband, the dashing Kim Kang-woo, is an absolute star of an actor, and his net worth is estimated to be around a jaw-dropping $2.0 million! That’s some serious cash, isn’t it?

Han Moo Yeong Social Media

Han Moo Yeong is the least active on social media. Here is the Insta Account of Mr. Kang Woo (@kangwoo_king) • Instagram

Some Interesting Facts About Han Moo Yeong

  • Actor Kim Kang-woo recently appeared as a special MC on SBS’ “My Ugly Baby” and drew attention for his sweet words about his wife, Han Moo-young. 
  • Despite being married for 11 years, he still remembers the first time they met and how he was immediately struck by her beauty, saying it was like there was a halo behind her. 
  • He even revealed that he kissed her on their first meeting and entered her house despite her having a curfew. 


Ah, poor Han Moo-Yeong! She’s only ever referred to as “Kim Kang Woo’s wife” with no mention of her own career. Meanwhile, her hubby’s been basking in the limelight thanks to his acting chops in flicks like The Taste of Money and Missing Noir M. It’s like they say: behind every successful man is a woman who deserves just as much recognition!

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