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These Crypto Gambling Sites Might Just Scam You

Cryptocurrency has swept the world off its feet, as many industries are integrating it into their systems as a payment method. Online casinos are included in this revolution. These days, crypto gambling sites are on the rise, taking over conventional casinos, thereby doing away with the old ways of gambling. These new online casinos that have adapted to cryptocurrency are adapting to this technological change and embracing the advancement.

However, so many benefits come with this technological change and many dangers attached to it. The most common of them all is fraud. Players who are not cautious might fall into the wrong scheme to bleed off most, if not all, of their cryptocurrency.

This article will examine some of the dangers associated with crypto gambling and some things to look out for to prevent becoming a victim of a crypto gambling scam.

gambling  With Crypto Currency

Before the adoption of cryptocurrency, punters were only used to traditional gambling methods. The conventional method requires you to reveal a lot of personal information, such as your credit card information, making it more difficult for players to remain anonymous on these gambling sites. Even though the conventional method is still being practiced, a better approach has taken over.

Crypto gambling, as the name implies, is the use of cryptocurrency as a transaction to place a bet. Though it is still integrated into various systems, most online casinos have adopted it. Crypto gambling has a long list of benefits, and it is no news that online Bitcoin casinos are hotcakes. Some of the benefits of Bitcoin gambling  are stated below:

  • Players can be anonymous
  • The Player’s information is encrypted
  • It removes certain gambling  restrictions
  • It eliminates the risk of bank fraud
  • Faster transactions
  • It provides security and validation

Despite these fantastic benefits, gambling with cryptocurrency has its risks, and if you’re not careful, you might fall for scam sites that promise impossible profits.

Signs to Look Out For To Know If Crypto gambling Sites Might Scam You 

As Bitcoin makes it possible to use cryptocurrencies, fraudsters evolve as well. They adapt to change and go to great lengths to collect money from players. To make things complicated, they are becoming difficult to trace and are anonymous on the internet. 

These scammers and fraudsters have devised several new methods to gain access to players’ accounts to transfer their digital currencies. Some of these methods are listed below:

Fake Crypto Gambling  Site

It is known to all punters that gambling is risky, but the risk is also part of the excitement. Nonetheless, it becomes disturbing when a group of people takes advantage of the risks and desperation of players to enrich themselves with others’ hard-earned money.

These con artists create websites that look similar to legitimate cryptocurrency gambling sites. You have zero chance of winning on these sites that look like regular gambling sites. Even if you are lucky enough to be a winner, you would not be able to make a withdrawal of your winnings.

They operate in such a way that they are unnoticed, which makes it challenging to be noticed at first. Worse, when they are discovered and reported for their dangerous activities, the server from which they operate vanishes from the internet.

Promises of Higher Bonuses

The promise of large bonuses is another sign of a Bitcoin gambling scam site. Offering bonuses is the most effective way for Bitcoin gambling sites to attract players to their platforms. These scam sites also offer bonuses, posing as genuine gambling sites. However, the promise of higher rewards is only a ploy, as you do not receive any of the bonuses they offer.

Insecure Crypto Wallet

It is vital to create strong crypto wallet passkeys. Aside from this, keeping your crypto wallet passkeys a secret would be best. This is so because some of these crypto gambling scam sites pose as regular gambling sites and request personal information that could give them a hint at your password. If your password is porous, it will be easier for them to access your wallet and make off with your funds.

As we said earlier, bonuses, promotions, and special offers are used to tempt players into online crypto-gambling sites. This is another way you can detect a fake crypto-gambling site. These scammer websites present offers in a way that requires you to click on specific links in order to access them. Most times, these links are ways to phish for your details. The links are disguised as an offer, and once they are clicked, it gives them complete access to your information.

How to Avoid Falling Victim to These Scams

The use of blockchain is one method for avoiding becoming a victim of fraud. The algorithm of the blockchain stores data on various computers and makes it available to users who wish to access it. Blockchain technology is a way to eliminate intermediaries from data and money transfers while also maintaining high transparency.

Use Trusted Online gambling  Sites

Before gambling on any Bitcoin gambling site, ensure it is trustworthy. To ensure they are reliable, research the site to ascertain its secure platform. You can check legit review websites for reviews from other players, keeping in mind that some reviews are sponsored.

You should only click on some links you come across on the internet. To avoid being targeted by scammers and hackers, stay away from links that do not come from a known source. These links may appear in various forms, such as an image advertisement of reputable Bitcoin gambling sites, but they are a trap set by scammers to obtain your personal information.

Do Not Provide Sensitive Information

Another way to prevent falling victim to a Bitcoin gambling scam is to avoid providing the sensitive information to an unverified Bitcoin gambling site. Punters must most often submit their wallet’s public address to gambling sites. It is better when these websites support the use of blockchain. With this in place, scammers and hackers cannot steal anything from casinos because they don’t handle personal information. Private keys should be kept confidential and accessible only by the user.


With the widespread use of cryptocurrency in online gambling sites, scammers and hackers are coming up with new ways to defraud people. With the insight we have provided above, you should be able to avoid becoming a victim of scammers and shield yourself from some of their attacks as they evolve with new tricks as the day goes by.

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