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YouTuber and makeup artist James Charles Biography – Age, Controversies, Career, Net Worth, Relationship, Wiki & More

James Charles won the Streamy Awards for Best YouTuber and Show of the Year on YouTube in 2018 and 2020, respectively. He has a pet dog and is a passionate animal lover. He is the second-most subscribed beauty guru on YouTube and the most subscribed male beauty guru.

James: A Makeup Artist 

On May 23, 1999, James Charles Dickinson, a makeup artist and beauty YouTuber from the US, was born. Charles has a small makeup shop in Bethlehem, New York, where he was born and raised. Additionally, he launched a YouTube channel where he shares makeup instructions. 

James Charles Height And Appearance 

James Charles is a handsome, good-looking man with a charming personality. He is 5.9 feet tall and weighs about 73 kg . He has gorgeous brown eyes, and his hair is a chic black tone. He also disclosed that he had botox and filler injections in his lips and forehead. He has a slim build and amazing physical attributes.

James’s Friend Helped Him Recognise His Passion 

Skip Dickinson, a contractor, and Christine Dickinson welcomed their son James Charles into the world in Bethlehem, New York, in the United States. Charles started performing makeup and working as an amateur hairstylist when a friend asked him to apply her makeup for a school dance. He quickly started performing cosmetics services for girls in his region as a professional after training himself how to do it.

Cosmetics After Diploma 

He finished his elementary education and received his diploma from Bethlehem Central High School in 2017 in New York. James has always wanted to pursue a profession as a make-up artist since he has a natural affinity for beauty and cosmetics. He created a YouTube channel and concentrated on improving his makeup techniques to get started on his dream.

Is James Actually A Gay? 

At the age of twelve, Charles told his parents he was gay. In response to inquiries over his gender identity, he said, “I’m delighted to be a male because I am confident in my gender identity. I do, however, also appreciate wearing makeup. I always wear a full set of nails. He invested $7 million in a Los Angeles property in 2020.

CoverGirl’s Net worth 

Charles’ net worth stood at $22 million. His income is derived from a number of different things, including his employment as a make-up artist, relationships with numerous celebrities, business endorsements, and his social media material. In 2016, he was selected as the brand’s first male ambassador.

Love Of His Social Media Fans 

James started making cosmetic lesson videos in 2015 for YouTube, but he now has a massive following on TikTok and Instagram. On TikTok, he has more than 35 million fans.

Youtube https://youtube.com/c/JamesCharles 

Instagram https://instagram.com/jamescharles?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

James: Controversy Champ

  • When James Charles said something offensive about Africa and Ebola in the year 2017, it sparked controversy. After receiving criticism from his followers, he later recognised his error and issued an apology on his Twitter account, saying, “I am very sorry for what I wrote.”
  • He made an insulting statement on his Twitter account in the year 2019 that he wasn’t completely gay and that he also had feelings for some girls and trans people. After receiving backlash for his remark, he eventually apologized for his error.
  • Tati Westbrook, a longtime partner of Charles, accused him of betraying his allegiance, playing with people’s emotions with his wealth and position, and manipulating their sexual orientation. Charles has lost over 1 million customers in only 24 hours as a result.

FAQs about James Charles

Was James Charles married or not?

James Charles doesn’t currently have a spouse. He is in a relationship publicly with David Dobrik, a YouTuber who works for him.

What does he do?

Charles has made history in his profession, becoming the first male ambassador for CoverGirl, but he has also been dogged by scandal for years.

Is James Charles still popular?

James Charles ranks bottom with a shockingly negative net favorability score of -50.5 percent.

James Charles’ hair color, what shade is it?

James Charles unintentionally just made his new platinum blonde hair visible. Either you’ll adore it or you won’t.

Do James Charles palettes work well?

James has taken care to make the buttery-smooth shimmery colors. They are highly durable and merge well.

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