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The Investment App Shares Raises $40 Million Series A Funding for its Social Investment App

Shares is a public investing service that makes the stock exchange accessible to all individuals and enhances its significant effect on profitability. The company was launched in 2021 and is headquartered in Paris, France.

Valar Ventures led a $40 million Series A capital financing round for the organization. The brand has been concentrating on a mobile phone application that permits you to buy and sell assets efficiently and quickly, but with a sociable spin.

You may monitor your friends’ whereabouts and interact with other people immediately from the tool.

Shares, a social investment software, has raised $40 million in a Series B round sponsored by Peter Thiel’s Valar Capital. Singular, International Startups Capital, Red Sea Investment, and other venture capitalists also contributed to the round.

The current fundraising follows in the footsteps of the company’s $40 million Series A round, which was also led by Valar Partners and closed in March of this year. The company has already received a total of $90 million in funds. The fresh money, according to Shares, will be employed for product innovation and worldwide extension, with ambitions to debut in 40 new nations throughout three continents.

Shares Investment Purpose

The goal of shares is to build an environment where everybody is more than a mere shareholder. They’re passing up on investment alone or believing that “the capital sector isn’t for me.” Shares integrate communicating with acquaintances and investing in one app. Shares is a community financing service that enables everyone to participate without requiring a matching threshold.

“Shares” is where aggregated beliefs are transformed into increased investment. Shares wanted to communicate with buddies amid investing without constantly having to switch apps – and it turned out that other individuals did as well. Shares attract communities together, making it simple to participate, study, and safeguard long-term economic well-being and excellent work.

About the Leadership Team

  • Ben Chemla – Co-founder and CEO

Ben has spent the last ten years training unified high-performance teams, first from the bottom up, and burgeoning them throughout Europe and the United States. He is an entrepreneurial genius with knowledge of the law. Ben founded Stuart, an on-demand content delivery system, just as the sharing economy was taking off, so negotiating stringent regulatory conditions is really nothing new to him. La Poste purchased the firm after it received €22 million in pre-launch fundraising.

  • François Ruty – Co-founder & CTO

François has a propensity for distilling sophisticated systems into highly useful programs that enable individuals to carry out things they were unable to do before. He has devised special effects technologies for top-tier companies as well as intelligent systems for military intelligence. He is ahead of the future improvement curve, creating the latest systems, reusing old ones, and recruiting the necessary IT teams to bring them to the industry.

  • Funding

Shares have received $89.7 million in investment across three stages. On July 25, 2022, they received a Series B investment. Shares is backed by eight investors. The most significant partners are Valar Investments and Global Entrepreneurs Capital.

  • Technology

As per BuiltWith, Shares is proactively leveraging 21 technologies in its domain. Apple Mobile Internet Bits Emblem, Domains Not Responding, and Universal Site Tag are a few examples.

Why Shares and their Features

Because trading does not necessarily need to be monotonous. Browsing out options with the folks you believe most certainly does make investment a lot more engaging. Use the collaborative assistance and expertise available to you to get things rolling.

  • Establish and oversee a stock portfolio

Access to thousands of US equities for as low as £1, with no royalties. With one click, you may administer your investments and monitor your achievement.

  • Make your purchases and submit your results.

Purchase and trade your preferred equities, and communicate your opinions with your colleagues or the larger Shares network. Integrating social postings with your beloved GIFs enables you to express yourself and exhibit your ingenuity.

  • Examine what your peers both buy and sell.

Rarely miss an outing with your buddies. Like or react to their exchanges – applaud or criticize them, the discretion is yours! Catch pace with the Shares society, participate in the discussions, and broaden your connection.


What are Shares?

Shares is a public investing service that makes the stock exchange accessible to all individuals and enhances the significant effect on profitability.

When was the company launched?

The company was launched in 2021.

Where is its headquarters?

It is headquartered in Paris, France.

What is their goal?

The goal of Shares is to build an environment where everybody is more than mere shareholders.

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