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After 13m Splitgate Downloads, 1047 Games Raises $100 Million at a $1.5b Valuation

That’s a remarkable turn of events for the game studio based in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, which released a free-to-play game’s beta in 2019.

Through the use of portals they create in Splitgate, players can move quickly from one portal to another in the same sci-fi setting.

This system stands out in the crowded free-to-play shooter industry because it offers players a wide range of tactical options to outsmart opponents in a multiplayer game.

Basic Features Of Splitgate

Splitgate has a beta version on consoles. Additionally, throughout the pre-launch time, 1047 Games is fixing a few flaws in the virtual shooting game. At the moment, that mostly entails making sure the game’s servers can accommodate the volume of players.

The funding round’s fundraising became more difficult as a result. The game entered an open beta test this summer on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, and within two months it had received 13 million downloads.

However, the business delayed the official launch until its servers could support more players.

Splitgate Gaining Publicity

The Human Capital round was conducted as things began to pick up. As more people became aware of the headlines, later-stage VCs began paying close attention to us, according to Proulx.

We first promised to speak with them later. Everyone wanted to connect because things were getting out of control.

The game pays homage to both Valve’s 2007 original Portal and its 2011 sequel, Portal 2. Subsequently, Valve has since abandoned the brand, 1047 Games has the opportunity to create a free-to-play multiplayer spiritual successor.

In a way, it’s unexpected that Portal could inspire an entire genre of games like Splitgate, but 1047 Games deserves praise for seizing the chance. The game, which was his senior project, gained a following after a number of significant revisions.

The Games Developer Proulx

After playing Valve’s Portal games, Proulx got an idea that turned into this, Proulx stated. “I was instantly smitten by the idea of these two gates that players went through.

Portal and Portal 2 are fantastic. Considering that I grew up playing FPS games, I believed at the time that this would be incredibly intriguing in other genres as well. In order to test his Stanford research, Proulx got his buddies to play with it. Everyone was pressed for time because it was finals week.

Proulx chose to participate in the newest funding round. We decided to do this since “we had folks wanting to chat now,” according to Proulx.

With Ian and Nick, we discovered that. We’re eager to see what they will accomplish with more firepower because they have accomplished so much with little resources. As they advance their business, we are honored to stand behind them.

According to him, the business can now attract great talent without having to worry as much about whether the budget can accommodate the additional employees. The group must complete objectives including recruiting artists to create skins, characters, and maps.

It must also develop fresh game modes. The incredible reviews and strong monetization were some of the factors that drew in the investors. get the best business updates through joinpd.


The team is still recruiting as it ramps up to 40 personnel. When covering the video game industry, We’re extremely focused on the broader picture here. Proulx temporarily left the area, and the crew is working remotely. He anticipates that the business will eventually have locations in Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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